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Favorite Bulldog Moments of 2016: No. 3 - Taking my son to the South Carolina Game

Taking my son to a game is always one of my favorite things as a Dad and a fan.

My son Jackson enjoying breakfast after the Bulldogs win over South Carolina

My third favorite moment of the 2016 season is one of a personal note. I don’t get to make it to Starkville for a ton of games, but when I do, it’s always a lot more fun when I get to take my son to one of them.

This year, we were able to make it to the second game of the season against the South Carolina Gamecocks. There was a little bit of tension in the air when the Bulldogs entered the game after such an embarrassing loss against South Alabama. Thankfully, there would be none of that in this performance.

The Bulldogs won the game pretty easily. The Gamecocks tried to make it a little more interesting after a really long lightning delay as the second half was supposed to begin, but for the most part, it was a solid performance by the Mississippi St. Bulldogs.

My son was a little bit older this time, so we decided to make it more of a trip. We got to Starkville about 2 hours before kickoff. It gave us plenty of time to still stop by the bookstore and pick up a few souvenirs and still get to our seats in plenty of time.

We watched the game and then called it a night. The next morning, I had planned to take him to one of the better breakfast stops like Starkville Cafe, but everything was way overcrowded. We settled for Denny’s and then headed to do what he is really passionate about, golf.

I didn’t get into golf until my son came around, so I had never played the Mississippi State golf course when I was a student. So I decided a good time to try it out would be with him. We had fun playing out on the course and then headed home to get ready for another week.

It was a good weekend, and I hope there will be more just like it in the future. It’s always nice to have an opportunity to pass on the Maroon and White heritage.