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Mississippi State Reported to Hire Former NFL Asst. Brian Baker as DL Coach

Looks like Coach Mullen is bringing on former Lions, Panthers, Cowboys, Browns, Vikings, and Redskins defensive assistant Brian Baker to be MSU's new DL coach. Who is this guy? Let's find out.

Behold State's new defensive line overlord in all his orange robo-armed splendor!
Behold State's new defensive line overlord in all his orange robo-armed splendor!
Jason Miller/Getty Images

So word on the interwebs is that Coach Mullen has hired longtime NFL assistant coach Brian Baker to replace David Turner as MSU's Defensive Line Coach:

Baker has around 20 years of experience coaching defense in the NFL. Here's his resume per the Washington Redskins website:

1980-83: Linebacker, Maryland

1984: Student Coach, Maryland

1985: Graduate Assistant, Maryland

1986: Fullbacks Coach, Army

1987-94: Linebackers Coach, Georgia Tech

1995: Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers Coach, Georgia Tech

1996: Defensive Line Coach, San Diego Chargers

1997-2000: Defensive Line Coach, Detroit Lions

2001: Defensive Line Coach, Minnesota Vikings

2002-03: Linebackers Coach, Minnesota Vikings

2004-05: Defensive Line Coach, Minnesota Vikings

2006-08: Defensive Line Coach, St. Louis Rams

2009-10: Defensive Line Coach, Carolina Panthers

2011-12: Defensive Line Coach, Dallas Cowboys

2013: Outside Linebackers Coach, Cleveland Browns

2014: Outside Linebackers Coach, Washington Redskins

Even though he wasn't retained by Washington's most recent DC, it apparently wasn't for lack of results on the field. Redskins players and fans credit Baker with drastically improving the team's pass rush, per SB Nation's Washington site. If the fans comments are an indication of how much they thought of his coaching ability after only a single year on staff, looks like we're getting a good one. At least one of Washington's players directly credits Baker with improving his pass rushing skills considerably.

As for why Baker is interested in heading back to the college ranks after two decades in the NFL, here's a blurb from a 2011 ESPN article that may shed some light on things. At least as of five years ago, Baker eventually wants to be a head coach at the college level:

The goal of new Dallas Cowboys defensive line coach Brian Baker is to become a college head coach.

So why in the world did he leave the University of North Carolina after a month on the job to join the Cowboys?

"To get yourself promoted in this profession, whether it's college or pro, is to be associated with winning, and I think the Cowboys are ready to do that," Baker said. "Obviously if you win on this stage, that's like winning twice. Everybody sees you because of the visibility of the program. Like I told Butch [Davis], 'I like to do it the way you did it.'"

Not that I'm keen on getting more coaching who've openly said they want different jobs, but hiring guys with ambition should, at least in theory, be a good thing. After all, Baker's not going to get anywhere near a head coaching job at the college level unless he succeeds as an assistant coach first.