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Mississippi State Falls to Oral Roberts, 3-1

Anemic hitting led to the Bulldogs' loss on Wednesday night.

Kelly Price/MSU Athletics

After coming off of a midweek loss with good hitting and awful pitching, the opposite occurred in Mississippi State's 3-1 loss to Oral Roberts on Wednesday.

Similar to past weekday games this year, Mississippi State used a very wide plethora of pitchers. Eight different guys saw time on the mound on Wednesday. Overall, the pitching staff did a very solid job, far better than the EKU game, giving up just three runs off seven hits.

The one problem was hitting. Mississippi State couldn't seem to find its way at the plate. The only run the Bulldogs were able to put together was a Jack Kruger RBI single that brought home Luke Alexander in the 3rd. Reid Humphreys was absolutely robbed of a home run in the 2nd, which was an accurate depiction of how the game went for Mississippi State.

Assessing the team so far, we're young. We're quite young, which leads to inconsistencies. This team is wildly inconsistent, and it will stay that way for at least the next few weeks as the team continues to gain its sea legs, particularly the bullpen.

Mississippi State drops to 12-5-1 on the year and will travel to Nashville for its first SEC series of the year against Vanderbilt.