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South Alabama Recap

Mississippi State overcame a 3-0 deficit to beat South Alabama 7-3.

Kelly Price/MSU Athletics

Like a lot of midweek games, this one was odd.  It was a "bullpen game", with the starter Kale Breaux only throwing two innings.  A lot of players got to come off the bench and play, even though the game was close until the eighth inning.  South Alabama is now a 9-4 with a win over Georgia in Athens, so beating them by four runs was a good win.

  • Breaux was good in his two innings.  He made a couple of mistakes, such as hitting a batter on an 0-2 count, but the movement on his pitches is impressive.  Cohen apparently wanted everyone to pitch tonight, so Breaux wasn't going to get more than two innings, but he will eventually get some opportunities to go deeper into games this season.
  • Humphreys was robbed of a home run in his first at bat.  On the bright side, his hand appears to be healthy after getting hit by a pitch against USC on Saturday.
  • Hughes was throwing too many sliders.  Admittedly, this is easy to say after he gave up a home run.  However, he had thrown so many earlier in the inning that the South Alabama hitter knew he was getting one at some point in his at bat.  He simply waited until he got one and destroyed it.
  • Their starting pitcher was pitching to contact, and it worked for the most part.  He had good control, but didn't have impressive velocity or movement on his pitches.  His pitch to contact strategy finally backfired when Collins hit his first home run.
  • Soleymani (their starting pitcher) has been a good reliever throughout his career at South Alabama, but hasn't really been that successful as a starter.
  • Cody Brown wins baserunner of the game for faking out the tag when he stole second.
  • Rooker had a brief but productive night with his pinch hit double.
  • Ethan Small will be a closer at some point in his career.  With the lack of experience in the bullpen, he might be this year.
  • Please put Houston in the weekend rotation.  He is a good reliever, so I can understand why he is coming out of the bullpen, but he is the second most talented starting pitcher on the team.
Since no one threw more than two and a third innings tonight, every pitcher is available against Oregon this weekend.  Oregon plays at Alabama on Thursday before their three game series at MSU.  Hopefully it doesn't rain, but the weather forecast isn't promising.  Due to the weather, it may be difficult to get all three games in this weekend, and could come down to what time Oregon's flight is scheduled.