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Three Reasons to Not Be Discouraged with Mississippi State Baseball

We got swept this weekend. That's not as bad as you think.

Kelly Price/MSU Athletics

After taking their first four SEC series of the year, Mississippi State got swept by #6 Texas A&M this weekend. Sure, it's frustrating. Sure, you should be disappointed; I don't blame you if you have those feelings. But, if you think our season is over or Scott Stricklin should be looking for our next head baseball coach, you should stop. Our getting swept this weekend isn't as bad as you think. I've listed some reasons why.

1. SEC Standings

I don't really blame you for being disappointed that this weekend hurts our place in the SEC. But, one thing about Bulldog baseball under John Cohen is that we don't excel in SEC play. Cohen's best record in conference while at State is 18-12 in 2014. 2013, without a doubt Cohen's best team and one of the best teams in the history of Mississippi State baseball, went only 16-14 in conference play. If we don't win the SEC or the West, it's not that big a deal. 2013 showed us that we can be a fantastic team without a great conference record. Even then, with how the remainder of the SEC slate lays out for us, this team should have a better SEC record than 2013.

2. Rankings

If you're concerned that we've dipped in the rankings, you're concerned with legitimately the least relevant or important thing in college baseball. The only sport in which rankings truly matter is football. In football, the rankings ultimately decide the national champion. In baseball, the rankings are just there to measure the best teams in baseball. They have no say in how the NCAA Tournament will look. They have no say in who will go to Omaha. They have no say in who will win the national championship. Just like basketball, rankings just don't matter.

3. RPI

If there is a ranking with which you should be concerned, it's RPI. The RPI actually has a major factor in the NCAA Tournament selection process. It can determine a team's fate in terms of a national seed, hosting, or if they're going to make the field. After last weekend's series win over Florida, State's RPI was 14. After this weekend, the RPI fell just three spots to 17. It isn't a catastrophic drop at all, and it still puts us in position for possibly hosting when May comes along.

You have every reason to be frustrated with this weekend. I feel your pain. I'm frustrated too. But, this series isn't the end of the word, the sky isn't falling, and Mississippi State baseball isn't doomed forever. There's still plenty of baseball to be played, and State has every opportunity in the world to take advantage. For those who believe that the season is over, it's not. Keep your head up. We're still a good baseball team.