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This is Our Cake

Our fans have great taste and they've made some fantastic cakes for very special occasions.

Everybody loves cake. Cake is great for almost any occasion. You can have a tiny cupcake or if you get married apparently you get to have a lot of cake. And everybody loves sports, right? At least, I'm assuming that everybody who visits this site loves sports to some degree. And so, what happens when you combine cake and sports? Well, these fans decided to find out and they're great people for it.

Last week, this cake showed up on my twitter feed and I shared it with y'all because it's amazing, right?

And then shortly thereafter, something amazing happened. Y'all started sharing your cakes with me! Well, you didn't actually share your cake. I wish y'all had. But y'all shared pictures of your cakes. And each and every cake I've seen so far is amazing.

Our friend Kyle Mains on facebook shared this cake that he got for his birthday with us a while back (he honestly shared this with me before I saw any of these other cakes but I wasn't sure what to do with it until I saw these other cakes and figured I could share all these cakes with the world).

Photo credit: Kyle Mains via Facebook

And then Courtney Williams saw our article and shared his grooms cake too! Apparently it was made by a sweet lady who retired right after making this cake back in 2008 and so this was the last cake that she would have made professionally. Definitely seems like a great way to go out on top if you ask me.

Photo credit: Courtney Williams via Facebook

And then Raymond Gillon came along and shared his grooms cake that was made to look like his hat. This one is definitely pretty unique because I've never seen a hat cake before. I'm not sure I'd want to eat a cake that looks like an old hat but it's definitely great if you ever want to make a bet and you say that you'll eat your hat if you lose because then you're winning no matter what.

Photo credit: Raymond Gillon via Facebook

Jared Bush sent in this Bully cake and it's flat out amazing too. Apparently this man was bold enough to buy a groom's cake that was more expensive than the bride's cake and that's pretty bold I hope he didn't get put in the dog house because of it. But with as great as this cake is, I'm sure it was worth it.

Photo credit: Jared Bush

And while writing this, I remembered back to my freshman year. I remembered seeing another cake on twitter. It was pretty cool but I just couldn't remember exactly what it was. It was made to look like some stadium on campus, but I didn't remember if it was the Hump or Davis-Wade or Dudy Noble or what. So I started searching. And I found it. And it is quite the beautiful cake.

And so, thank you gentlemen for sharing your wonderful cakes with us. They're all special and wonderful and I appreciate each and every one of them. So, next time you have a great cake, please share it with us. Or you could share pictures and let me know how it tasted too. I mean, that's not as great as actually sharing the cake, but I'd still love to see it.