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What Are They Saying About Will Redmond?

Will Redmond was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the third round. Here's what the guys over at Niners Nation had to say about the pick.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Will Redmond was picked up by Chip Kelly and San Francisco in the third round and even though the talented corner will add some much needed depth for the Niners it looks like there might be some concerns over Redmond's torn ACL from back in October.

Despite that, Mississippi State legend and former San Francisco running back, Anthony Dixon decided to chime in and give his support for Will Redmond.

It's even been reported that it's expected that Redmond will be fully healthy for the 49ers in time to go to training camp.

Regardless of all of that, congrats Will. I hope everything works out for you out west. Thank you for everything you did for Mississippi State.