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Mangum, P.I. and the Perplexing Sunday Pitcher Predicament

The Perplexing Sunday Pitcher Predicament

In the stunning pilot episode of the ninth season, Mangum P.I. tries to get down to the bottom of the missing pitching staff on Sunday's.

[SCENE: A sunny day at the beach, Mangum is relaxing in a chair listening to the waves and is surprised by Higgins, who comes bearing an odd request]

Higgins: Mangum... Mangum. Mangum!

Mangum: What is it Higgins? What do you need?

Higgins: For God's sake, Mangum, you act as if you're doing something productive right now.

Mangum: Higgins, can't you see that I'm working on a very important case right now?

Higgins, dryly: Mangum, you are wasting your talents and my time.

Mangum: You came to me, Higgins. Now just what is it that you need from me?

Higgins: I need you to find out why none of our pitchers can play well for game three.

Mangum: You mean that the several consecutive top five recruiting classes haven't yielded anything? What about that new kid... Oh gosh, I forget his name, Broccoli? Zucchini?

Higgins: Kale. And no,

Mangum: Fine, Higgins, I'll look into it. But only if I can drive the Ferrari

Higgins: I don't know why you need a Ferrari to go check on the pitchers. The bullpen is literally ri-

Mangum: Higgins, if I didn't know any better, it's almost like you don't trust me, or many other freshmen.

Higgins, frustrated: Fine. Mangum, just hurry up. It's imperative that you find us a Sunday pitcher. SEC play is upon us and the regionals are soon to follow.

[End Scene. Fade to Black. Mangum races off in the Ferrari to go to the bullpen in Starkville.]

Mangum to himself: How did I get to Starkville, Mississippi in a Ferrari?

Higgins: Mangum, that doesn't matter.

Mangum incredulously: HIGGINS? I left you back in Hawaii?!

Higgins dismissive: Hush Mangum, none of this makes sense. There's a reason this script was scrapped back in the 80's.

Mangum: I thought this was 2016? Ah, whatever. You're probably right.

Mangum: Anyway. After looking through the bullpen, it seems like there's several qualified pitchers.

Higgins: That's absurd. We've used approximately 75 pitchers the past three series finales.

Mangum: Did you use one pitcher for more than two batters while he was still pitching well?

Higgins: Occasionally, Mangum. But I think it's best that we rotate pitchers after three pitches.

Mangum: Higgins! That's insane! Constantly switching pitchers in and out won't let you see how good one pitcher is.

Higgins: You might be right, Mangum. Maybe I should trust a pitcher when he's performing well.

Mangum: There you go. Problem solved. Now who will be this Sunday's starter? Vance Tatum? Ryan Rigby? Myles Gentry?

Higgins: No. None of the above

Mangum, irate: Keegan James? Konnor Pilkington? Zac Houston?

Higgins: Nope.

Mangum, furious: Higgins! Then who?! Who is going to be our Sunday starter?!

Higgins, satisfied: This fine lad

Photo Credit: Kelly Price/


John Cohen as Higgins

Jake Mangum as Magnum

Screen play: Ethan Lee

Directed: Daniel Black

Chief of Production: Daniel Black

Head of Casting: Ethan Lee