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Jeffery Simmons' Court Case Granted Continuance

In the never ending saga that has been the controversial case regarding Simmons, it seems like we won't really have any new information just yet.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Chances are, if you've visited the internet before, you've heard of Jeffery Simmons by now. If you haven't well, here's what's going on:

First, a video popped up showing Simmons and a woman attacking a woman on the ground. And the general consensus by most human beings is that it's morally repugnant for any man to strike a woman at all, especially as seen in these circumstances here.

Shortly thereafter, Simmons took to the internet to post an apology addressing the incident as seen within the video that was going around on social media and through the news.

And then Dan Mullen released a comment regarding the situation, saying that Mississippi State University and the athletic department wanted to wait for all of the details to be released and sorted through before making any decision regarding his eligibility. Especially since Simmons was being charged with simple assault and disturbing the peace.

And, chances are, if you're a sports fan (or just a human being interested in finding out what happens), you've been hoping that something would've been decided by now by either the legal system or the University. Well, it seems like things just got pushed back a little bit more.

So, what does this mean? Well, after my one semester of taking Natural Resource Law made me an expert on all things regarding every legal case ever (I'm lying, I had to do a quick google search and reach out to a lawyer), what's happening is this: Simmons hearing has been postponed. It appears as if both sides are trying to reach an agreeable settlement and restitution for the damages to the victim so that the case will be resolved. There is a chance that the attorneys can reach an agreement before the new set hearing date and end the case, effectively keeping Simmons out of court for this case again. With all of that, it'll be interesting to see how this gets resolved and if there's an end to this before that date.

As I've said before, violence is completely deplorable, especially when a man strikes a woman. Hopefully Mississippi State, or anyone else ever, will have to deal with a case like this again. It's pretty simple, keep your hands to yourself. Don't hit people. Be a decent human being, please?