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Changes at For Whom the Cowbell

Today marks the start of new leadership at the blog.

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Well, it has been a fantastic ride for me as the manager of For Whom the Cowbell Tolls.  When Cristilmethod approached me about taking over the reigns, I never expected that the blog would get to be there for Mississippi State football's rise to No. 1 and the fun of Dak Prescott. That season will always stand out to me because of the fun we all had here and during most every Saturday. Part of that fun was watching our community here at FWtCT grow tremendously, and it was fun to see what our staff of writers could come up with each week. Thanks to all of your contributions to this. I also never expected to be in that position for as long as I stayed.

Today marks some changes to our staff and to my role with the blog. I am stepping away as manager, and Ethan Lee is taking the helm. He should be no stranger to you, as he has been producing quality work for the blog for a while now. I have no doubts that he will lead the blog in a positive direction, and I hope all of you continue on that ride with us. It's going to be excellent. He's earned the spot, and I am looking forward to seeing where he leads the blog.

As for me, I'll be around. I'll still be writing  and upsetting folks on occasion. It's what I do. I'll also get to still be dad to my six-year old with one less distraction in an already busy world. It's a win-win for the blog and me.

That's enough from me. Thanks again for all of your involvement in our online community. Ethan, best of luck in this new endeavor for you.