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Tracking the Polls: May 23rd

We won an SEC Title. It's been a busy weekend for college baseball, both around the SEC and the nation. Here's where Mississippi State stands in the rankings.

Perfect Game

WE'RE NUMBER ONE. After taking the sweep of Arkansas, the third straight SEC sweep for the Bulldogs, Mississippi State rose to the top of the rankings here. Former top ranked Florida plummeted down to five after struggling against LSU and A&M stayed steady at the second spot.

Here's their complete rankings.


Well, there's a maroon and white team at the top, but it isn't us. With them dropping Florida down to #4, they just routinely moved the other three teams up. Mississippi State sits at #3 in this poll, behind A&M and Miami.

Here's their complete rankings.

Baseball America

These guys showed the same sort of movement pattern amongst their top teams. With Florida falling to #4, they moved Miami, Mississippi State, and A&M each up a spot. The Bulldogs sit at #2 here, right behind the Aggies.

Here's their complete rankings.