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Malik Newman to Withdraw From NBA Draft

The talented point guard will return to college for at least another season

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

After much speculation, it looks like Malik Newman will not pursue a chance to be drafted this year. The 6'3" point guard has decided to return to college for at least one more year, according to sources.

And then things started to get a little weird.

And then of course a conflicting report because what is sports without conflicting reports

There was some speculation that Newman wasn't content with the offense that Howland runs, and his up and down year might reflect that. Plus, the way that Howland crowded the backcourt last year led to some awkward lineups and situations where IJ Ready and Malik were both on the court and both attempting to be a point guard. While that likely wouldn't be the situation this year, it's possible that Newman would prefer to avoid all of that together and play elsewhere.

Of course, with the influx of talent coming in, it'd be hard for Malik to not want to come to Starkville if he wants to win at a high level. If he were to indeed return to State, he could be a leader of a very talented team and drive this team to be a force in a conference that isn't known for basketball.

This story looks like it'll get weird. We'll update you as we can.