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Mississippi State Now Has an Official Cowbell

Mississippi State signed a deal today to get an official cowbell manufacturer.

Scott Stricklin and our athletic department signed a deal today to make Year of the Cowbell our official University cowbell provider. Okay, maybe provider isn't the right word, but Mississippi State now has an official cowbell.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Year of the Cowbell as they are becoming a known and well trusted name in the industry,” MSU Director of Athletics Scott Stricklin said. “We are confident they will provide our fans with the best quality products that will further continue the MSU traditions throughout our athletic venues.”

The deal between Mississippi State and Year of the Cowbell is inked for three years, so that means that you'll be seeing a lot of these new bells show up in town over the next few football seasons. Year of the Cowbell is based out of Calhoun City, Mississippi and can be found online.

You can read the University's official statement on our new favorite cowbell here.