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Dak Prescott's NFL Draft Phone Call - Side by Side Video

Here is the phone call that made Dak Prescott a Dallas Cowboy, on both ends of the telephone.

Dak Prescott was selected as the 135th pick in the NFL Draft by the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys posted a video shortly afterwards of Jerry Jones and head coach Jason Garrett making the call to Dak. You can see that whole video here. But also, video was released later of the reaction of Dak and his family when he received the phone call. You can see that whole video here.

I saw Dak's video while scrolling through the comments of the FWtCT Facebook page, and Brent Funderburk recommended doing a split screen video of their reactions. I thought that was a good idea, so that's what I did. The split screen starts at about :52, as Dak's video starts halfway through the call.

I would like to thank Brent for the idea. I do not own any of these videos; they are owned by the Dallas Cowboys and Dak's family. The video will pull up when you click on the file. Thank you and enjoy.