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Looking Back at The Women's Basketball Season

Our Women's Basketball program rose to new heights last season. Let's review all they accomplished.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The MSU Ladies' team reached tremendous heights this year. They finished with an overall record of 28-8, 11-5 in SEC play. The Ladies eventually lost in the 3rd round of the NCAA Tournament to eventual champion U Conn. The Ladies lost in the semi finals of the SEC Tournament to #1 ranked South Carolina (who couldn't play with U Conn. either).

Coach Vic Schaefer has done a tremendous job of building a first class staff to assist him and help teach our ladies how to improve their skills and built that imperative team chemistry where any player will sell out for any other team member while recognizing their role on the team so "The TEAM" can play at a higher level. Coach, thank you for your hard work and leadership.

This ladies team won 13 of 14 non-conference games, only losing to the University of Texas by six points. When the conference schedule kicked in this team had to find a way to define itself as an exceptional team. That moment came when Tennessee came to play on January 28th. Mississippi State battled a elite eight team into OT before finally securing a 2 point win, the first against the Lady Volunteers.

That game seemed to help our ladies turn the corner in the season and Vic Schaefer's program here at MSU. We would only lose to A&M and Kentucky the rest of the regular season. Texas A&M and Kentucky as well as South Carolina are three doors we still need to kick in to sit on top in the Women's SEC. That Tennessee door is now kicked off of its' hinges because we beat them again (58-48) in the SEC Tournament.

The future is very bright for the Lady Bulldogs as almost everyone returns. This along with the other valued recruits coming in should tell us all that the Lady Bulldogs program under Coach Schaefer has arrived and is still setting their goals higher. We also had over 10K attend a Lady Bulldog game at The Hump. We need to support them in PAID attendance every time they play at home. Those teams we need to kick in a door with will feel the pressure playing at The Hump with 10K + rabid Bulldog fans.

Both the Men's and Women's Basketball programs we should be proud of and support all we can.

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!