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Five Word Thoughts: Twitter Reactions to Dakota Hudson Being Drafted in the First Round

Dakota Hudson was drafted with the final pick of the first round to the St. Louis Cardinals. Here's what you said about it on twitter.

Kelly Price/

Dakota Hudson, beloved ace pitcher for Mississippi State, has been drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in the first round of the 2016 MLB draft. Here's what y'all had to say about it on twitter.

Some realized that the pick will be great for both Dakota and the Cards:

While excited about Hudson being drafted, many lamented the team that Hudson was drafted by:

Others, however, seemed happy to see Hudson join the Cardinals:

Some, including myself, would love to have this sort of job right after graduating:

Congrats Dakota! Good luck at the next level and be sure to show every single team that passed on you why they made a mistake! And of course, good luck down the stretch on the Road to Omaha.