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Why I'm Excited: Mississippi State Bulldogs vs. South Alabama Jaguars

We are still way too far away from college football season. So, let's look at the games and see why we should be excited about them.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

There are not many days that most sports fans look more forward to than the start of the college football season.  There is just something about the game that drives so much passion in the fans of nearly every team.  Mississippi State fans are no different, and with the recent success of the Mississippi State program, the Maroon and White faithful have no reason to not be excited about each of the 12 regular season Bulldog football games.

Let's start with the season opener against South Alabama.  If you have to understand why anyone would be excited for this game, you must not be a college football fan.  It is the season opener!  The long wait from the Belk Bowl to now will have ended.  Fans will be yelling at their televisions, cooking on the grill, and ringing cowbells.  It will be glorious.

Granted, South Alabama is not the most exciting team on the Mississippi State schedule, and they never will be.  While a big-time opener would probably be more exciting, the timing on this game is great for the Bulldogs.

One of the most exciting parts of this game is seeing how new players in key positions will perform for Mississippi State. No position will be more watched than the quarterback position.  Whoever wins that starting role will be having to replace Dak Prescott, arguably, the greatest quarterback in the history of Mississippi State.  Much of the Bulldog's success this season will depend on how well Prescott's successor plays.  This game will give fans an exciting look as to how that process is coming along.

This game will also provide the first opportunity to see the defensive changes that will occur with a brand new defensive coaching staff. For Mississippi State, the defensive side of the ball is loaded with athletic talent, and fans should be excited about watching how these players step up in their first game of the 2016 season.

Off of the field, I am personally excited to see what type of video Mississippi State rolls out when the team takes the field.  If they can beat the 2015 version, I'll be highly impressed.

Let's get the season started already.