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Fred Ross, Richie Brown, and A.J. Jefferson listed to Preseason All-SEC Teams

The three seniors earned some attention and made their way onto the Preseason All-SEC Teams

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The three guys that Mississippi State sent to Hoover to field questions at SEC Media Days all earned a spot on the Preseason All-SEC Teams today.

Fred Ross, Richie Brown, and A.J. Jefferson each made it onto the Preseason All-SEC Teams. Ross was named to the All-SEC Second Team while Brown and Jefferson were both on the All-SEC Third Team.

All three are looking to round out their careers with strong senior seasons this year. Fred Ross is expected to be the centerpiece of this offense as it looks to find an answer at quarterback and runningback and he's looking forward to leaping even higher in the Mississippi State record books this year after a historic campaign his junior season.

Richie Brown and A.J. Jefferson will both be crucial to this season's defense as they are two of only a handful of seniors at their respective positions. They'll be key in implementing Peter Sirmon's new 3-4 defense and making sure that the team can compete while the offense continues to sort itself out.