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Season Long looks at MVP Bulldogs For Each Game

NCAA Football: Troy at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

This is introducing a season long series looking at what I see as the Offensive and Defensive MVP for the past weeks game as well as trying to select a Rising Star that is either growing into a role with the team or has been playing but hasn’t stepped up until now. I will try to pick different players but it is what it is. How many times would Dak have been our Offensive MVP last year?

Let’s see who could Defensive MVP be next week? Richie Brown, no man I think he will work on guiding and teaching younger players this week..South Carolina 2 INT’s sound good but this coming week? I think a lot of young guys play getting game speed experience like: Gerri Green, J.T Gray at linebacker, Coleman, Durr or Graham at DB and the DL should hold a group meeting at the quarterback this week. You know A.J. will be “Da’ Judge” and slam the door shut!

Offensive MVP....oh my goodness we should have some fun on this side this week. Lots of people play and have their tongues dragging the ground by halftime. Forecast is HIGH 90’s. USA will be longing to get back home and hit the water. Damian, Nick and Nick should all play, Fred Ross goes off for a half. Will Holloway, Aeris Williams, Dontavian Lee and Shump run wild in the streets? Center Justin Senior, Clayborn and all the crew up front mesh for a solid half then work in backups with regulars. I guarantee you I will have an OL for Offensive MVP sometime this year because you WILL NOT have a 300 yard passing game or 200 yard rushing attack unless those ROAD GRADERS are wearing the opponent DL out!

A Rising Star this week? Oh there could be so so many. Stamps or Smitherman at DB but I really expect Mark McLaurin (6’2” 218) to emerge big time this year at DB or Safety, Hoyett, Brown, Mullins, Jones, Harris and others at DL, Harris, Phillips and Leo Lewis at LB. Then a quarterback HAS to emerge, but who? What OL men step up to lead and protect? Will Dontavian start coming into his own and running inside with power? Receivers.... Dear and Mixon but watch for a freshman to show up as the year gets going. I don’t think he will redshirt because he has too much of what we need at a wide-out across from Fred Ross. I’m saying watch for #17 Jamal Couch (6’4” 223 lbs.) a true freshman from Phenix City, AL which is basically 20 minutes south of Auburn. I saw this kid play twice last year. He can eat a defensive backfield for breakfast, the kid will be really really good. He didn’t have enough “Stars” for Auburn. to recruit him. Thanks Tigers, he will remember you for sure lol!

So there. I am sure there are people I haven’t dreamed of that will stand out this year. If your like me it is so freaking exciting to just watch these kids grow into a team and whip some booty that the prognosticators said they can’t!

I can almost hear the whistle blowing now..........GO DAWGS!!!!!!