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Mississippi State Releases New Humphrey Coliseum Floor Design

The Hump is getting some much needed love, and the new floor is looking good.

NCAA Basketball: South Carolina at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State has been slowly upgrading Humphrey Coliseum, adding a few new features in recent years. The athletic department has been focusing on adding a new floor to the Hump and they’ve just released a brand new court design that is incredibly intriguing.

The court design has a few interesting features, the most impressive being that every county is named and listed as a border to the court. From Bob Carskadon’s piece on the new court design:

The details on and around the court are where MSU highlighted its local ties. One of the more subtle details, what looks from a distance to be a design around the outside of the court, is actually a listing of all 82 counties in Mississippi. Five inches tall and painted in gray, they represent the populace of the state and the fact that the University owns property in every county in Mississippi.

To further on that theme of local ties that Bob talks about, the new court design puts a noteworthy emphasis on Oktibbeha County and places it where every player that will enter into a game in Humphrey Coliseum will have to see. Again, from Bob’s article:

Of note, Oktibbeha County – where Starkville and MSU are located – is the only one to appear in white, located at midcourt between the home and visiting benches. In front of the scorer’s table is the state of Mississippi, also in white, with a maroon X over the location of Starkville marking the spot for players to check into the game.

The design of the court is very impressive. I love the emphasis on the state of Mississippi and its counties. It’s a great way to celebrate Mississippi and MSU’s role within the state.

The new and improved court is coming at the perfect time too. With a significant influx in talent on the men’s basketball team and the women’s team already proving that they’re continuing to improve, the new court design will only add to the excitement many fans have about the upcoming basketball season.