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NCAA Football: Kentucky at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well there have been two weeks of SEC football now. The conference as a whole was much better this week hopefully having worked out some kinks so we can begin to dominate the rest of college football. Who did the worst, blew it badly, let it slip away or just STUNK IT UP?

Mizzou won by 40, it was against a WHO team but it is still a win. Vandy surprised me and blew my weekly picks as they beat a decent MTSU team 47-24. That has to be a school record for Vandy’s offense. TSUN beat Wofford, who had a player collapse last week with a heart attack during their game:

The young man will live but his life is forever changed.

Texas A&M went on a successful panther hunt and exterminated the breed 67-0. Arkansas kept grunting and squealing until they rooted out the Horned Frogs in 2OT 41-38. Tennessee got the right food in their belly at halftime and Smokey brought home the Gobblers by the neck 45-24. Old Gus stomped the gas and held it down trying to blow some soot out of the Bus at the risk of hitting Indians in the road, AU 51-14.

Saban proves once again he accepts nothing short of perfection as he went off on his assistant coaches and players for a poor performance. W. Kentucky is still wondering what a Pachyderm is and what direction did it come from? (Everywhere boys, everywhere). 38-10 Tide Rolled. Oh man it is such a better Sunday with a Miss. St. win....I can actually breath today. Thank you coaches and players, we ALL needed that, now go whip some Bayou Bengal Butt!

Our Bulldog brethen on the Atlantic Ocean thought it was Labor-less day. They saw other teams play parts of a game last week so they wanted some rest also. This could be the BUST but at least the pups found a way to win over Nichols...who? Nichols...who is that? Pups 26 Colonels 24.

The Kentucky Wildcats win the chicken dinner this week although they have no teeth to chew or claws left to tear with. They came to the swamp hoping to rebound from that Southern Miss spanking last week. The Gators had negated all the traps and emptied bullets from all the Wildcats weapons. So the Wildcats were surrounded with no “Offense or Defense” as hungry Gators began to devour them one by one. By the time it was all over there wasn’t anything left but a torn Kentucky hat floating in the swamp.

Kentucky showed some offense last week but proved once again there is a HUGE hole in the bottom of the bucket that calls itself defense. Rumor is that Stoops will file a request tomorrow to start a flag football league or that they must be spotted 35 points per game (kidding here folks). Good Luck with that Kentucky. Anybody got a house for rent starting in late November? We have our first homeless coach set to appear. If you think Big Blue gets a win next week when New Mexico St. comes to town, think again. They are 2-0 and averaging 35 points a game. I honestly believe Kentucky could go 1-11 this year, IF they lucky.

Yes Kentucky, YOU ARE THE “SEC BIGGEST BUST OF THE WEEK”. You had a chance, a small chance but, well stay the way you are until we leave Lexington.

Next Week: Ole Miss or BAMA, LSU lets hope!!!, Texas A&M, Georgia. Another Chicken Dinner awaits somebody...............