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Outlook for Men’s Basketball following Big Weekend. Ten for Ten

NCAA Basketball: Mississippi State at Mississippi Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Well that certainly was a weekend. Mississippi State is currently #1 in the SEC West, Tennessee celebrated beating unranked Virginia Tech by handing out T-shirts and trophies on a national championship like podium, and Dak Prescott had his first NFL Start accompanied by billboards that became popular all over social media.

Last week I re asked the predicted record of Mississippi State given the frenzy of last weeks game. We had a range of 0-12 to 8-4. 5-7 or 6-6 was the average response. Which at this point, it looks reasonable for MSU to go 6-6 given their performance on Saturday Night.

You guys also said that you did not believe the Dan Mullen would be fired at the end of this season and you also did not think that Mullen is on the hot seat. I agree with both.

As far as the worst Disney Movie, there were opinions all over the place. engineerdawg said Hannah Montana the Movie. Justin Strawn said Cars 2. We also had a vote for the Blind Side which isn’t a Disney Movie. But I cannot disagree with any of those choices.

I asked you what you thought the #1 problem with the MSU football team was. We had answers from leadership to Dan Mullen’s attitude. I think that the majority of the responses had their problems resolved in the game on Saturday. Dan Mullen was fiery and showed it on the field with his play calling. It looked like a completely different football team out there. One that can go 7-5 even without the South Alabama win.

I asked about who would you take with you to the first voyage to Mars. Most of you said your spouse which is a respectable answer. But El Chief gets bonus points because he said he would take Stingray with him. Quailty choice for a person to ride with to MArs.

And finally congrats to ganndalf for correctly predicting Mississippi State to defeat South Carolina 27-14.