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Kivon Coman Gave LSU Some Bulletin Board Material and I’m Okay with That

Kivon Coman has every right to trash talk LSU and Death Valley right now.

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Auburn John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Kivon Coman took a couple of shots at LSU when he was addressing the media last night. He riled a lot of LSU fans up. More than likely, he’s caught the attention of every player on LSU’s roster. I’m pretty damn proud of him for it.

In case you’ve missed it, here’s what the senior safety said regarding Death Valley and Leonard Fournette, the star running back for the Tigers:

And a lot of people are coming after Coman for his remarks. From just about every fanbase that dislikes Mississippi State in some capacity, people are criticizing these comments. As for me, I’m impressed by his confidence.

Yeah, LSU is a blue blood program in the SEC. They’ve had tremendous amounts of success, especially so against Mississippi State. It’d be hard to count how many times that LSU has taken State to the woodshed. And I don’t know anybody personally that is seriously sold on the notion of the Bulldogs upsetting the Tigers. But despite all of that, I respect the hell out of the focus and intensity that Coman is bringing.

The biggest criticism of this team so far was the lack of passion and fire amongst the players and the coaches. So far, we’ve seen Dan Mullen look like a madman against South Carolina and now we’re seeing Kivon Coman come after LSU in press conferences. Now we just need to see this intensity carry over from the podium and down onto the field.

But after all, as Pod Katt of And The Valley Shook points out, it’s not like Death Valley was all that impressive or intimidating the last time the Coman and the Bulldogs went to Baton Rouge. With Coman’s experience playing against LSU in their home, does he not have every right to say that it’s just like any other stadium?

Kivon Coman’s level of play will have to match his confidence level on Saturday night. And even that might not be enough for it to all matter. But regardless, Coman’s tenacity is something to be admired. At the very least, you should respect the fact that he’s willing to put himself out there for the world to see. It takes a very bold man to make these sorts of statements about LSU and Leonard Fournette.