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Flips For You

This week we want to introduce you to Coed Cheerleaders who grew up about fifteen minutes from each other. Now they work and practice together daily after attending classes at the university they both grew up loving. The featured Coed Cheer partners this week are Jordan Myhan and Zack Alleman.

Jordan is from Madison, MS and graduated from Madison Central High School. Jordan is another “newbie” to Mississippi State. Jordan has yet to declare a major that she will pursue as she takes general classes this fall. She first began to cheer when she was just six years old on a competitive cheer squad. Jordan cheered for Madison Central her sophomore, junior and senior years while continuing competitive cheer at a variety of cheer academies including Deep South Cheerleading, Mississippi Outlaws, Spirit of Texas and ACE in Jackson, MS.

When asked about the biggest influence upon her young life Jordan gave her high school cheer coach Mandy Malone the credit. “She always pushed me to be the very best and always held me to a really high standard. She has supported me in my dream of being a collegiate cheerleader. I honestly do not know what I would do without her constant support and love”, Jordan stated.

Jordan enjoys going on exotic summer vacations with her family to a wide variety of unusual destinations and wake boarding whenever possible. Hey Jordan, will the trips to Foxborough and Provo qualify as unusual destinations? I challenge you to order some GRITS in Massachusetts.

Since Jordan is in that “newbie” role, she hasn’t experienced all the excitement and thrills of cheering at Davis-Wade and other SEC stadiums. Her single biggest memory before the season had begun was “Bid Day” for the sorority she joined, Zeta Tau Alpha and all the new sisters she has begun to bond with.

Zack is from Pearl, Mississippi and attended Pearl High School. He is a sophomore majoring in Kinesiology with a concentration on Physical Education and Coaching. Zack, like his stunt partner starting cheering at a very young age. “I began cheering as a seven year old, knee high boy. “I didn't voluntarily want to cheer but was forced into it by my mother but I ultimately fell in love with the sport- I guess moms really do know what's best!” You got that right Zack and DO NOT ever try to tell her she is mistaken!

Jordan and Zack see their role as cheerleaders at Miss. State in much the same way. “I try to always be light-hearted and keep my teammates relaxed, so that way if someone is having a bad day I could try to comfort them in some way. At the same time, I like to throw in a few jokes during practice to lighten the mood! When I'm in front of a crowd, I do a lot of flips because people always go crazy for those!”

Both Jordan and Zack see themselves as ambassadors for Miss. State so they need to project a positive outlook at all times. The best way to do that is to always have a smile on their face and greet others with warmth and excitement. They look forward to leading you in cheering for Mississippi State this weekend in Baton Rouge as they try to keep the spirits high.

Wherever you see Jordan, Zack and the others at they ask you to join them as you “STAND UP AND CHEER”.

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