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These Kentucky Fans Were Very Confident and Are Very Wrong about the Mississippi State-Kentucky game

They boldly picked Kentucky. They’re boldly wrong. It happens to the best of us.

Kentucky v Mississippi State Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

Kentucky fans thought Mississippi State would lose today and that the Wildcats would be better than the Bulldogs today. They weren’t better, but you can’t blame them for believing, can you?

Well, I can. Even though I’ve been guilty of bad picks before, I’d like to highlight some bad picks that Kentucky fans made.

This guy wasn’t wrong, but he wasn’t right either. Sorry, Matt:

WELP. Sorry, Cam:

Never a good idea to guarantee this sort of thing. I’ve learned it before myself. Sorry, Jansen:

LOLOLOL sorry Terry:

I stumbled upon this thread in my quest and hoo boy, I found plenty of taeks.

The Bulldogs triumphed in a way that was bigger than even I expected, but I 100% expected Mississippi State to come out of today with a big win. Kentucky’s 5-1 start was misleading. I explained that earlier this week.

Kentucky can still have a good season, but their start wasn’t as noteworthy as many thought. The taeks were fun to go through and this shows the dangers of making predictions. Sometimes you’re right. Sometimes they bite you in the butt.