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SEC Power Rankings: Week 9

Stacking up the SEC from 1 to 14.

NCAA Football: SEC Media Days Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Every SEC team has played at least seven games, and we really know what the SEC is now. There’s still plenty of time for that to change, but teams are starting to establish themselves in the pecking order.

Here’s how I am ranking the SEC after 8 weeks of play.

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide (Last Week: 1)

Tennessee scored a touchdown, so Nick Saban will have something to yell about this week.

#2 Georgia Bulldogs (Last Week: #2)

One of five teams with a bye. So they stay put.

#3 Texas A&M Aggies (Last Week: #3)

Another team with a bye. They’ll be seeking revenge against the Bulldogs after Mississippi State started their fall from grace a season ago.

#4 Mississippi St. Bulldogs (Last Week: #6)

Auburn, LSU, and Mississippi State are basically interchangeable because I don’t know how to differentiate between the three due to their head to head performances, but I’m perfectly happy to let my bias put State at 4. Win this weekend, and a 9 win season seems pretty likely.

#5 LSU Tigers (Last Week: #7)

Derrius Guice reminded us why he was the SEC’s leading rusher last season.

#6 Auburn Tigers (Last Week: #8)

Auburn manhandled Arkansas like they were supposed to.

#7 South Carolina Gamecocks (Last Week: #5)

South Carolina didn’t play but they had to drop to get teams ranked where I thought they should be.

#8 Kentucky Wildcats (Last Week: #4)

Kentucky is basically Mississippi State from 2012. Barely won against a bunch of bad teams and then when they were physically outmatched, they got creamed. So I know the pain Kentucky fans are feeling, and if they hadn’t been so obnoxious, I’d have some sympathy for them.

#9 Florida Gators (Last Week: #10)

Sure, I guess they belong here..

#10 Ole Miss Rebels (Last Week: #9)

Ole Miss has a really bad defense. They have one more winnable nonconference game, and will have a chance to win against Arkansas. After that, I’m not sure they win again. But as bad as the bottom of the SEC is, they may not fall below 10

#11 Vanderbilt Commodores (Last Week: #11)

Vanderbilt was off so they couldn’t continue their freefall.

#12 Missouri Tigers (Last Week: #14)

I still kinda think they’re the worst SEC team, but they won and did not get humiliated

#13 Tennessee Volunteers (Last Week: #12)

I’m writing this on Sunday night, so I’ll be interested to see if Butch Jones is still employed by the time this is published.

#14 Arkansas Razorbacks (Last Week: #13)

Brett Bielema won three Big 10 Championships and is coaching one of the worst Arkansas teams I have ever seen.

That’s this week’s rankings. We’ll be back at it next week.