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What to wear to 2017 Mississippi State Football games

Mississippi State released their schedule poster earlier this week, and with it, the colors they want fans to wear to home games.

NCAA Football: Troy at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State released their poster schedule this week. It includes all the players you would expect on it. If you missed it, I’ve got you covered.

At the bottom of that poster you’ll find the colors Mississippi State is asking Bulldog fans to don for each of their games. It’s hard to read, so I’ll go through each one.

Now, this is the portion of the season where people always respond with, “What will I wear to the game? WHATEVER I DAMN WANT TO!” or “BLACK IS NOT A SCHOOL COLOR!!”

I get it. But the school is trying to do something cool, and I think it would be cool if we could pull some of these off. It looks really nice on TV when it all comes together.

Charleston Southern , September 2 - WHITEOUT

This is a smart plan for the athletic department. I don’t remember which season it was, but there was an early September game a few seasons ago where the school wanted people to wear maroon. The game ended up with an 11:00 start, and people were suffering from heat exhaustion left and right.

Doing a whiteout on Labor Day weekend is the smart play. It won’t completely offset the extreme heat, but it will make it a little less torturous.

LSU, September 16 - Upper Deck wears White and Lower Deck wears Maroon

This is the first of two games wear the school wants to have one part of the stadium in a color and the other part of the stadium in another. It’s still September, but the start time has already been announced for 6:00, so those in the lower deck shouldn’t have too big of an issue with the heat.

BYU, October 14 - Upper Deck wears Maroon and Lower Deck wears White

This one is the exact opposite of the LSU game. The upper deck gets maroon this time while the lower deck gets white.

Kentucky, October 21 - Stripe Out

The stripe out game is always the most ambitious plan. Each section is supposed to wear a certain color. You’ll need to consult your ticket to see which one the school wants you to wear.

Stripe out games have been pulled off with varying levels of success. When it comes together, it looks really cool.

UMass, November 4 - Blackout

No, black is not a school color. Yes, if you want to participate, you’ll have to have a black, or at the very least, a dark gray shirt. I get it. But the school still wants to try to do it any ways.

Alabama and Ole Miss - November 11 and November 23 - True Maroon

No one ever has any issue when the school wants to go true maroon throughout the season. The school wants the stands covered in Maroon for the final two games of the season.

Feel free to do with this what you will. No one is going to deny you entry into the stadium if you don’t participate. But the school wants to do something neat, so I’m hoping as many of our fans will participate as possible.