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Nick Weatherspoon’s arrest just one more hurdle to leap

Mississippi State needs few distractions and this isn’t helping.

NCAA Basketball: SEC Tournament-Alabama vs Mississippi State Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

2012 was the last time a Mississippi State Men’s basketball team finished the season with a winning record. 2009 was the last time a Mississippi State Men’s basketball team made the NCAA Tournament thanks to an incredible run in the SEC Tournament. 2008 was the last year the team had what most would consider an actual NCAA Tournament resume.

I say that to say I am really hoping Ben Howland can end all of these droughts. I think he has the pedigree to do it. But every time we think there is hope for the program, something bad happens to make us reevaluate.

Such is the case today. According to Brett Hudson of the Commercial Dispatch, incoming freshman Nick Weatherspoon was arrested on a DUI charge this past weekend. It’s bad news for a program that hasn’t had anything but since 2011.

This isn’t to say that Nick Weatherspoon getting a DUI will cause the team to miss the NCAA Tournament. It’s just frustrating as a fan.

Most of the fans of the program have been looking for signs that the program was going to come out of its funk. Ben Howland’s hiring combined with Malik Newman signing with the Bulldogs was the first sign that it might happen. But that was a team that was too reliant on Rick Ray’s coaching to do much. When Malik Newman was hampered by injury all season long, it was a lost season.

Most of us had hope this past season with an incoming freshman class that was ranked in the top 10. But an infusion of talent that wasn’t on the same scale as Kentucky’s and still young, the Bulldogs went through a lot of growing pains.

So this season is supposed to be the one. But this season has gotten off to a rough start and it hasn’t even begun. Mario Kegler has transferred out and now one of the most talented players on the roster is getting arrested.

This situation could end up being like Dak Prescott’s DUI about 18 months ago. It was obvious from the evidence that Dak was not intoxicated and never should have been charged. Let’s hope this is the case with Nick Weatherspoon.

But regardless if it is or if it isn’t, it’s just frustrating for fans. The fans want a good Men’s Basketball team to cheer for, and every time hopes start to raise just a little bit, something like this happens. And I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the bad news parade to come to an end.