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Mississippi State Football sends out Snazzy New Scholarship Offers

In the quest to get ahead of rivals, schools are sending out offers with lots of flash.

NCAA Football: SEC Media Days Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Remember the days when official documents from institutions and businesses were just typed on company letterhead? Well in the current atmosphere of high stakes College Football Recruiting, those days are long gone.

Schools began to send out their official offers to players who were verbally extended an offer by a coach or staff member on Tuesday. But instead of just a typed letter saying they had a scholarship offer, they sent out letters with sharp graphics and eye catching visuals.

Why do this? So players will be more excited about receiving the offer and then tweet them out to their followers like Marcus Murphy did.

It’s a nice looking document. The school made sure to include the number the player currently wears for his high school team on the graphic to make it feel a little more personal.

If you’re wondering what a few other schools are doing, here are a few from some other SEC schools.

LSU tried hard to make theirs look cool by putting the recruit on an outline of LSU and the bottom portion of Mississippi. It’s just weird looking though in my opinion.

Alabama refuses to get too fancy because Bama.

Texas A&M going with a simple approach but putting Kevin Sumlin’s picture on an iPhone like he was calling the recruit. It’s a bold strategy considering many don’t think he’ll be there next year.

Those are the only SEC West schools I could find. I’m sure Ole Miss, Auburn, and Arkansas have some interesting looking ones as well, I just couldn’t track them down.

The best one out there though, goes to East Carolina.


I can easily ignore the fact they misspelled scholarship because their official offers are PIRATE SCROLLS! Well done ECU.