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NCAA declares Leo Lewis is a “credible and reliable source of information”

Despite what certain parts of the state of Mississippi would have you believe, the NCAA believes the testimony of Leo Lewis

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Leo Lewis has been dragged through the mud. He’s been the subject of every Ole Miss fan’s hatred and where they have directed their venom. When Ole Miss released their response to the NCAA allegations, they shouted from the rooftops that Leo Lewis is a liar. If the NCAA were going to stand by the assertions made by Leo Lewis, then their goose was cooked.

And then the NCAA did this.

Technically, the NCAA did this a few weeks ago and Ole Miss just got around to releasing it to the public. Not going to go into everything the NCAA said, but the most important part of this regarding Mississippi State and Leo Lewis is this part. “The enforcement staff asserts (name redacted but we all know it is Leo Lewis by now) is a credible and reliable source of information and showed himself to be materially correct and consistent regarding the information he reported.”

Now, they provide quite a bit of evidence as well that says why they think he is credible. Dan Wolken picked it out and tweeted them out, so I’ll just refer you to him.

So if you were worried that Leo Lewis being granted immunity was going to somehow blow up in Mississippi State’s face, you can now stop. When Ole Miss responded to the second NOA, Ole Miss fans thought they were vindicated and Lewis had been proven to be a liar. They left out the fact that they were only reading the Ole Miss side of the story.

Ole Miss fans will be quick to point out this is also just one side of the story. They would be correct. But here is the important thing to remember:

When it comes to Leo Lewis and his NCAA eligibility, it is the only side that matters.

Will all this result in a crippling blow to the Ole Miss football program by the Committee on Infractions? I don’t know, and trying to figure out what they will do is harder than trying to read tea leaves. Ultimately, my main concern is how any of this might affect the Bulldogs. And from what we have just seen from the NCAA’s own document, the Bulldogs and Leo Lewis will be fine.