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Joe Moorhead Will Be The Greatest Coach In Mississippi State Football History

Joe Moorhead is bringing an offense that the SEC doesn’t see often.

Moorhead is bringing a hot offense and buzz like no other

On November 28, 2017, Penn State Offensive Coordinator Joe Moorhead was hired as the next head coach for the Mississippi State Bulldogs. This will be Moorhead’s first head coaching job since he left the Fordham Rams of the FCS, which was also his alma mater. Moorhead is bringing with him something that will take Mississippi State to a level it hasn’t seen often: national powerhouse.

Now that I’ve grabbed your attention, let me tell you why.

Moorhead is bringing an offense that the SEC doesn’t see often. The numbers do not lie about that. There seems to be a revolutionary approach towards offensive schemes and plays that younger coaches like Lincoln Riley and Moorhead are bringing to the game. And coaches that have been around for a while can’t figure out how to stop it.

You see, that’s why Penn State has been so dominant. That’s why Saquon Barkley almost won them a Heisman. That’s why the program has looked as if the whole Sandusky scandal never happened. And it’s now coming to StarkVegas.

As I previously said, it’s not something the SEC sees often. Every time they HAVE faced it, they struggle. That is State’s ticket to the top. If you conquer the SEC, you conquer college football. Simply put.

If Moorhead comes through on the first thing he said to the team, we’re in for the greatest days in program history. “Do you know your ring size? You better find out.” was the first words he spoke to his team. Moorhead clearly means business here at Mississippi State. Never in my life have I been so excited for a coach. Mark my words. He will be the greatest coach in program history. Go on and get him a place ready in the record books and in the ring of honor. If his word is indication of what we will be seeing in the future, we are in for some of the most fun days in history. The best is yet to come, because JoMo is bringing it. September 1st when we play Stephen F. Austin to kick off the 2018 year will be the start of the glory days of Mississippi State Football. I and hopefully everyone else will be begging for Moor. Moor Cowbell that is.

Until next time, hail state