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Martinas Rankin drafted 80th Overall by Houston Texans

In dire need of a trusted offensive lineman, they got a great one in Rankin, as he will be protecting quarterback DeShaun Watson

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The Houston Texans are one of the league’s most promising teams, as they are just a few pieces away from becoming a legitimate contender. While they may not be the flashiest on the field, offensive lineman are faced with one of, if not the most difficult tasks, protecting their quarterback. Rankin is a reliable starter from day one, filling the Texans’ biggest void. He is scrappy with a work ethic, ultimately able to move the pocket and block at the second level.

Rankin’s raw ability is rare and may just put Houston over the top. Prior to his season-ending injury, Watson showed out and put the football world on notice. That said, he took a ton of hits, thus Rankin being a god given gift. Year after year, a once in a generation lineman is selected in the drat, and Rankin could be the next.

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Whether it be former Cleveland Brown Joe Thoms or the crew in Dallas, Rankin’s potential is sky high. Often overlooked, a lineman’s talent goes a long way. Being that he played in the nation’s toughest conference on defense, Rankin has taken on the best.

But it is not just Rankin’s on-field presence that will be infectious amongst his teammates. Rankin is a natural born leader, sure to be a vocal locker room presence. While your average lineman may not have much to say, Rankin knows what to say and when to say it. Having said that, he will often chirp toward the opposition.

Being that this draft is rich in lineman, Ranking has been lost in the fold. He is definitely a steal and diamond in the rough. Look for Watson and the Texans’ offense to be one of the league’s best, as Rankin will be a primary reason as to why. Through hard work, dedication, and knowledge, Rankin is sure to prove that he is truly one of a kind, as this third-round pick is a first-round talent.