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Why Myah Taylor will be the new face of Women’s College Basketball

Some just know the game, as Taylor will take it to heights it has never seen.

Mississippi State Athletics

While Mississippi State has lost four superstars, the Bulldogs’ new and revamped roster going into next season has a ton of potential that will likely turn to star power. Coach Vic Schaefer has turned this program into a powerhouse, resulting in what could be his most talented group yet. That said, one name may not only be Mississippi State’s future superstar, but the new face of the game, and her name is Myah Taylor.

A star at point guard is essential in today’s game. Taylor is a bonafide scorer and has it all offensively. The five star native Mississippian from Olive Branch is natural a student of the game with a sky high ceiling. Though expectations will be high, Taylor’s confidence is sure to go a long way.

Mississippi State Athletics

It is rare to see a point guard with Taylor’s skillset. Her range, vision, and scoring ability are reminiscent of basketball superstars Steph Curry and Victoria Vivians. Taylor was deemed the best in-state prospect and for good reason. She is in the perfect system, as coach Vic is a player’s coach and will bring out the best in Taylor.

Her senior year said it all, as averages of 20.3 points, 5.6 rebounds, 7.5 assists, and 6.2 steals speak for themselves. But it isn’t just the numbers have made Taylor one of the nation’s most intriguing players this offseason. Leadership cannot be taught or coached, and Taylor has shown flashes.

Mississippi State Athletics

Mississippi State will be relatively young next season, and are in need of a vocal presence on and off the floor, as four of the game’s best leaders in Vivians, Morgan William, Blair Schaefer, and Roshunda Johnson. Next year’s squad is sure to have a bit more flare and attitude with Taylor running the show on offense. While this past season was about defense, Taylor’s game may just flip the script in that regard.

In addition to her range, vision, and scoring ability, Taylor must be unselfish with the ball and bring out the best in teammates. There is plenty of offensive firepower, and Taylor should create opportunities for the other four on the floor. With a plethora of shooters and defensive savants by her side, Taylor will have the ultimate supporting cast.

The game has lost a ton of talent throughout the nation and is in dire need of a new face. Taylor is unafraid and has been eager to embrace her future role. Look for her to jump out of the gate and command the headlines sooner rather than later.