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Moorhead Receives Vote of Confidence, Recruiting Plan Continues to Take Shape

Mississippi State has confirmed that Moorhead will be the head coach in 2020. What’s next?

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Whenever talk of a coaching change starts to emerge for any college football school, the first thing impacted is the recruiting program for that school. Head Coach Joe Moorhead recently received the vote of confidence from the athletic department at Mississippi State University, and now the focus can shift to preparing for the upcoming bowl game and continuing to focus on recruiting for signing day. Expectations are high for the Bulldogs’ program, and closing out the recruiting period strong will be essential to lifting the program to where fans and administrators expect it to be going forward.

The 2020 recruiting class is a top-25 class, according to most services. Continuing to build consistent top-ranked classes year after year is a must when you play in the toughest conference in America. Moorhead knows expectations are high both on campus and across the state, and his staff has made appearances at 89 high schools as of Nov. 11. Hitting the recruiting trail this hard is a good sign that the coaching staff is well aware of expectations and attempting to fill any perceived holes that they may encounter for the 2020 season, as well as get a closer look for the 2021 recruiting class.

Black Sunday and the days immediately thereafter is the time of year when college football coaches are relieved of duties. From a recruiting standpoint, this a good time of year for rival schools to contact other schools’ recruits. Look for Mississippi State to examine the Ole Miss commits closely as well as look at what may be available across the Mississippi River in the Arkansas recruiting class as the Razorbacks struggle to right the ship in Fayetteville. Robert Scott, out of Conway, Arkansas, would add depth to offensive line recruiting class and take a solid piece from a bitter rival after the Egg Bowl victory. The time to be opportunistic is now. It may not be a good quality in the day-to-day world, but it is an excellent quality in the coaching world. The recruiting period is going to heat up over the next two weeks, and it will be a fun time for Bulldog fans to follow it closely. Enjoy!