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Mississippi State Women’s Basketball: Who will replace Chloe Bibby at power forward?

While the loss of Bibby will sting, Xaria Wiggins is in prime position to fill in and make an impact on both ends of the floor. MSU Athletics

Having proven herself off the bench, Wiggins has gained the necessary experience to see the floor as a starter.

Like Bibby, Wiggins stands at 6-foot-1. Though she is listed as a guard, Wiggins has the skillset of a forward. Wiggins also mirrors Bibby in terms of a shooter from distance. If able to get on a roll from beyond the arc, Wiggins can be a lethal weapon, particularly from the corner.

Also formidable defensively, Wiggins has proven to make a game changing play. As the Bulldogs spent last season finding themselves in nail biting situations more often than not, Wiggins showed up when it mattered most.

Given her height, ability to take advantage of mismatches, and speed, Wiggins will be a headache for the opposition. Expect big things.

Hail State!