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Could Mike Leach crash a 12-team College Football Playoff at Mississippi State?

The chances would in fact be better with eight more slots.

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

You’ve probably heard or seen the murmurs of a College Football Playoff expansion in the past couple of weeks. What you may not know is how legitimate these murmurs are.

Here’s the good news. A 12-team playoff has been proposed to important people and approved by those important people to be “reviewed” this summer by another group of important people.

This is certainly not a guarantee of any kind, and our very own Mississippi State President Mark Keenum, who serves as the chairman of the CFP board of managers, has admitted there’s plenty of details to sort through. Such as when the extra games could be played. Keep in mind, student-athletes are still students and are quite busy towards the end of fall semester.

But rest assured, the proposal is now officially working its way through the gauntlet of committees, boards and the like.

Let’s assume for a brief moment that we do end up with a 12-team playoff. What does that mean for a program like Mississippi State? What does that mean for a coach like Mike Leach?

It means the potential for chaos rises, and chaos permeates around Leach.

Now, don’t hear me playing prophet. The window to the postseason would be larger, but still quite tight.

So, let’s take a look at Leach’s track record. Had a 12-team playoff been used during Leach’s tenure at Texas Tech, Leach would’ve qualified for one such playoff. That would’ve been in 2008. At Washington State, Leach would’ve been in the argument for a spot in one playoff, that being in 2018.

Seeing patterns? Can two be a pattern? I have no idea. I’m pretty sure three can be a pattern, though, so let’s do some hard science and just blindly assume Leach follows suit in Starkville.

Picture Starkville, Mississippi. It’s 2028. Friends and families are gathered to watch the selection committee enrage the nation, specifically cities with American Athletic Conference teams (yes, still). The Bulldogs are fresh off a season with double-digit wins with Leach, likely the only one they’re going to have, per the science.

It’s a big deal.

Can you imagine the playoff press conferences with Leach in tow? Can you imagine if Starkville got to play host in the first round?

Actually, that last one might require winning the Southeastern Conference outright. And if you don’t think Alabama head coach Nick Saban will still be frightening young individuals to the point that their full potential is realized in 2028 then wake up.

So, maybe we won’t go that far, even in a fictional dream scenario.

Also expect at least one opponent in said playoffs to find a way to keep even the most successful Air Raid recipe at bay. I didn’t say we’d win the thing. But Leach’s track record does suggest at least one nonsensical breakout season.

So, keep your fingers crossed, State fans. We’re due for at least one trip to the new playoff. Expect it to be in 2028, per the science.

I’ll be pushing 30, and in medium health, but I’ll make the trip.

See you guys there.