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Mississippi State vs. Texas A&M Historical: The Snow Bowl

In a snowy Shreveport on a cold New Year's Eve in 2000, Mississippi State and Texas A&M battled in one of the most fun and exciting and blizzardy games in MSU's history.

I considered talking about Jackie Sherrill here -- the infamous coach that spent time at the helm of both Mississippi State and Texas A&M. I definitely did NOT consider talking about last year's game, and the 38-13 drubbing that A&M put on MSU at home -- the first time the two teams had met since 2000. Even though we touched on it a bit last year, I figured we could all take a minute to again enjoy the magnificence of the 2000 Independence Bowl in Shreveport.

2000 was the first time that Mississippi State and Texas A&M 1937, and it was the first time that Jackie Sherrill was taking on his former team and his former assistant coach, A&M head coach R.C. Slocum. The game would have been nothing more than your average mid-to-lower tier bowl that year, had it not been for the winter wonder that fell in the most unlikely of places that night.

Yes, it snowed in Shreveport! And most all MSU and A&M fans know how the rest went down, as the Bulldogs used a blocked extra point returned for two points and a Wayne Madkin touchdown in overtime to upend the Aggies 43-41.

What's that, you say you don't remember how the game went? Well good news! Full video can be found above for your viewing pleasure.

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