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Mississippi State now the Guinness World Record holder for simultaneous cowbell ringing

What's been ours for awhile is now OFFICIALLY ours #HailState

Butch Dill/Getty Images

Just two days away from a big home opener against LSU, one or two or probably thousands of Mississippi State fans showed up at this year's Cowbell Yell to help MSU attempt to break the Guinness World Record for simultaneous cowbell ringing.

And they did it!

With the Guinness World Record staff on hand, Mississippi State was officially granted the world record for something that was pretty much always meant for us, and unofficially ours. [UPDATE: 9/11/15, 8 a.m.] According to the school, over 15,000 people attended in total, while 5,748 were registered cowbell ringers who helped set the record.  It's likely that there were more than the 5,700 in there with cowbells, but for them to count, they had to go through the process with the Guinness World Records staff on hand.

Let's take a look at some of the sights and sounds from the night, but first, a quick thank you.

Because I'm not sure of the names of people involved in making this happen, let me say a blanket thank you to you all.  I know a lot of work and effort went into making this happen, and this State fan certainly appreciates it.  This record may be considered trivial by some, but it's a pretty cool thing to have to compliment a tradition we've held for so long.

Okay NOW a few tweets, videos, and pics from the evening:

First, you may notice that MSU used the phrase CLANGA a lot tonight.  Credit for the coining of that phrase goes to SBNation's own Spencer Hall.  Thanks, EDSBS!

A few of the players, including Bear and Dak, made it out to join in on the festivities.

As if you needed proof that Dak Prescott can properly motivate a crowd.

And here's the video of the officially official announcement.  Thanks for coming out, GWR.

Again, thanks, EDSBS.

And the certificate.

And to close, here are a few more videos from the night.

That's certainly alot of clanga

The North Endzone is bumping right now!! #HailState #CowbellYell

A video posted by MSU Football (@hailstatefb) on

Complete with dramatic drum Bully, this appears to be the video of the official attempt

HERE. WE. GO. #CowbellYell #HailState

A video posted by MSU Football (@hailstatefb) on

Maintaining physical fitness at all times, even during a world record attempt, is important

@coachdanmullen in the house!

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We asked 10,000+ Dawgs if they had fun at #CowbellYell. Here was one response.

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