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The SEC: Where even our security guards are better than yours

You have to give credit to good defense when you see it, and one Tennessee fan saw it up close Saturday night.

Charlie Burris

As much heartburn as it may give Danny Kannell and others, the SEC is just flat out great.  Sure, we have our down years, but who among us hasn't needed to catch our breath every now and then.

And since the SEC is so awesome, it really shouldn't surprise anyone that there's a trickle down effect from the field to those who sit and work in the stands surrounding them.  That was never more on display than Saturday night when an elated Tennessee fan celebrating the Vols' 38-31 win over Georgia found out the hard way that you will NOT cross the goal line (well, from the back side, at least) against this security guard.

What a beautiful tackle.  The guard squares up his shoulders and takes a good angle to the ball carrier.  He even gives you a little swagger by pointing out his target before striking at the point of contact.  That's showmanship, people, and it's what you get in the SEC whether it's Derrick Henry or Joe Security defending the turf he's paid to defend.

You can't spell "secure the perimeter" without SEC!