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Countdown to 2013 MSU Baseball season: 4 Days. The 2007 Starkville Super Regional

As we eagerly await the first pitch Friday evening, here's a look back at what happened in Starkville on a hot summer day in 2007.

MItch Moreland and the team celebrate their win sending them to Omaha for the eighth time
MItch Moreland and the team celebrate their win sending them to Omaha for the eighth time

State had done what many didn't expect them to do. They went to Tallahassee and knocked off three other teams to get a birth into the Super Regionals and were paired with Clemson. Clemson was the better of the two programs at the time, but there was no way that Starkville would not be the host.

Dudy Noble holds 15 of the top-25 all-time attendance records and in these two ball games, both made the top eight setting a regional record of nearly 27,000 fans.

It was the summer of my graduation from high school and I had just applied to be a part of the MSU Media Relations internship. I received an email asking for help from any of the students that were in town and of course I jumped on that five minutes after receiving it. I arrived at the Hump at 8 a.m. to a line of about 200 or so fans at the box office awaiting tickets. I knew then that this is real and there are no fans like this in the country. I had been to State games all of my life. I had been to two separate Regionals. But I was not prepared for that. It will forever be my favorite moment as a Mississippi State fan and I am hoping to have that topped this season.

I stood in the press box, phone in hand, and watched as Mitch Moreland took the mound for the final out. After that, it was all a blur.

Mississippi State vs Clemson - Game 2 (via TomcatPete)

Mississippi State beats Clemson to go to Omaha (via Chad Windham)

Got chills yet? I know I do