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Colorado is interested in Dan Mullen, according to a report

Colorado may be interested in Dan, yes, but does it even matter?

Al Messerschmidt

I debated on whether or not to even blog about this. I mean, the notion seems silly, to say the least, but for discussion and informational purposes, here we go.

Colorado beat writer Kyle Ringo of the Daily Camera in Boulder, Colorado is reporting that Colorado is interested in, among other names, Dan Mullen for its vacant head coaching position. The position was made vacant after the Buffs fired Jon Embree last week after just two seasons as its head coach.

First of all, let me point out the fact that it says that Colorado is interested in Mullen, not that they have talked with him or that they have set up any discussion or interview. Saying you have interest in a coach is as preliminary in the process as it gets; I imagine the Buff's AD is interested in quite a few coaches for his vacant head football coaching position. But to think Mullen may have any mutual interest in Colorado seems a bit silly, considering the state of Colorado's football program and the one here at MSu. Mullen, to take the Colorado job, would essentially be leaving a lower tier SEC school program in good shape for a lower tier Pac-12 program in shambles.

Mullen did coach with Urban Meyer for two seasons at Utah, but that is about the extent of his ties to the western portion of this nation. I have carried the belief and still do that Mullen will leave one day, but it will be for a job at a more prominent program, not one such as Colorado. I'm not indicting anyone of a crime for even mentioning it, and Colorado has the right to be interested in any coach they please, but I'm telling you all that I just do not see it. No way.

Colorado has been - despite their recent history - a historically good football program. The problem, however, is that they have not had a winning season since Gary Barnett left in 2005, and they currently feature a roster bare in talent on the level of the early Croom years at MSU.

So, should there be any cause for concern for State fans? I would say the answer to that is a resounding no. Mullen's name will pop up for nearly every available job in some form or fashion (Bovada has him as at 5/1 odds as the next Tennessee head coach) probably as long as he continues to be successful, and until a bigger school with a deeper pocketbook is one of those that is interested, I doubt Mullen is going anywhere anytime soon.