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FWtCT Radio Show - Tennessee Preview with RTT

Robbie Faulk and I talk with Brad Shepard of Rocky Top Talk to get ready for the Bulldogs and Volunteers this weekend.

Today on the weekly game preview edition, Robbie and I had the chance to chat with Brad Shepard of Rocky Top Talk - SBNation's Tennessee site. Brad did an outstanding job of detailing Tennessee's season to date, breaking down the positives and negatives from the Georgia game, giving us players to watch for this weekend, as well as discussing with us if he thinks Derek Dooley has ever had a bad hair day (hint: NO, and we agree).

Brad provided a ton of great information, I would highly recommend you check out the audio below, as well as Brad's work and all of the great work over at Rocky Top Talk this week as we prepare for the big game this weekend in Starkville. You can also catch Robbie and my game score predictions, players to watch, and more on this week's show. For those of you listening via mobile, check out the show at this link, or you can listen via the player below:

As always we are powered by the great folks over at Bulldog Sports Radio.

Thanks, and have a great Thursday!