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Totally Serious Opponent Report: MTSU

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If I hear "classic trap game" one more time, I'm going to sick Quay Evans on someone.

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I distinctly remember the meeting between MSU and MTSU during the 2000 season. It was my 16th birthday and my parents managed to get me a field pass as a present. So, there I was standing a few feet away from some of my favorite MSU players; Fred Smoot, Willie Blade, Dicenzo Miller, etc. Things were going really awesome and rad until MTSU's Tyrone Calico grabbed a couple of TDs over our All-American, Fred Smoot. Smoot got angry. The sideline got scary. And I got the hell out of there. Thanks for ruining my birthday, MTSU. JERKS.

Here are a few things you should know about the Blue Raiders:

1. They borrowed their mascot name from Colgate University. A solid choice considering Colgate's athletic dominance since, well, never.

2. The Blue Raider's biggest win in school history is over Southern Miss, a school with 10 total fans give or take, in the 2009 New Orleans Bowl.

3. The school is located in Johnson City, TN which everyone knows from this song:

What's that? It's actually located where? Murfeesboro? Never heard of it.


5. For everyone worried that this is a classic trap game. Here's some studying material:


I know, I know. They beat Georgia Tech and that's cute and all, but the Bulldogs are playing big-boy football this year. The Sun Belt has reached their Golden Flake bag cap on non-conference upsets.