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Opening Odds: Alabama opens as a 24 point favorite over Mississippi State

I don't think many people expected the opening odds to be quite this big in Alabama's favor.

Jamie Squire

Alabama has opened as a 24 point favorite over Mississippi State for Saturday's big SEC West matchup in Tuscaloosa, according to The Bulldogs, who have started 7-0 for the first time since 1999, have received a great deal of criticism with regards to the schedule they've played so far, which could prompt some of that differential in the opening lines.

But I doubt anyone expected the line to be this big. I was telling a friend last night I expected 14, maybe even 17 with the way State has performed at Alabama in recent years, but 24 seems excessive. I would expect betters to push that number closer to 20, maybe even under 20 before the week is up.

Photo evidence of the line, via Braden Bishop:


That's a lovely spelling of Mississippi as well.