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MSU vs. Alabama: Tats

Time for the real breakdown. A.J. McCarron's gigantic chest ink pitted against Dillon Day's colorful sleeve.

Kevin C. Cox

Let's go off the beaten path for a second and take a quick look at the real matchup Saturday.

  • PLAYER: Alabama Junior QB: A.J. McCarron
  • AWARD: 2012 BCS National Championship Offensive MVP
  • INK: Huge chest graphic


What exactly is the tattoo of? Here's a quote from's article last January:

The tattoo has "Bama Boy" written at the top along with images of Jesus, a dove representing family members who have died, Bryant-Denny Stadium and a family crest. Written inside the crest are the words "Ma" and "Pops" representing his parents. Around the outside of the tattoo are "Corey," his brother who recently announced he would transfer from the University of South Alabama to walk-on as a tight end at UA, "Pasopapa," Spanish for stepfather; "Gage," and "Coco," his stepbrother.

Lots of heart and meaning right there. Next we check out...

  • PLAYER: Mississippi State Sophomore C Dillon Day
  • AWARD: Started nine games at center and appeared in all 13 games as a freshman and graded out a champion four times in 2011
  • INK: Phenomenal right arm sleeve


Not a lot of information is known about this epic masterpiece. Maybe it's a collection of ideas or additions from one month to another. Regardless, it catches a lot of attention when he straps on the shoulder pads for the Bulldogs.

So which tat impresses you? Vote and discuss below, ink lovers.