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BCS Projections, Week 10: Dogs projected to fall, but only to 15

It seems the computers know just how good Alabama is, and may end up cutting MSU some slack after our 38-7 loss.

MSU is projected to come in at 15th in today's SBNation BCS projections, the projections put together by BCS Guru, aka Samuel Chi. The Bulldogs falling just 4 spots after that loss Saturday night shows just how much respect the computers give the Crimson Tide, and also shows that MSU still has life in its season.

MSU will face Texas A&M (just outside Top 15), LSU (7), Arkansas, and Ole Miss in the coming weeks.

In other MSU related news this morning, State is projected to play Northwestern in the Gator Bowl in the latest bowl projections from SBNation.

We will have your updated BCS standings when they are released tonight, as well as all of the bowl projections from ESPN, CBS, and others tomorrow in our MSU News and Notes.