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FWtCT Pick the SEC - Week 11

Another week of picks...

Grant Halverson

Stop, take a look around. Breathe in the air. Take it all in. There are only three more weeks of regular season SEC football. That is pretty sad. As much as I love November football, sometimes I feel like I'm trying to dig my feet in to keep a tractor from moving down the field. I can't stop it, so I might as well savor it while it is here.

I am not good with computers. I know how to type on this blog but that's about it. So getting the standings is going to be pretty much an impossible task. Just know WCF is still in first place.

For this week, everybody is picking South Carolina over Arkansas, Florida over ULALA, Bama over A&M and Georgia over Auburn.

Everybody is picking LSU over State except Justin. After picking State to lose vs. UT and A&M, he's going reverse on us yet again here. It's not like MSU has zero chance, but hey, the way we played last week, going down to Death Valley at night, losing 19 of the last 20 to LSU, this is a tall task for the Dawgs. I hope Justin is right.

Other games that differ are JLGrindin picking Mizzou to go in Neyland and beat the Vols. If that happens Dooley will for sure get fired. And then Vanderbilt at Mississippi. In a game that will give the winner bowl eligibility, thecristilmethod, Justin, WCF, JL, Mosley, and TBraden are all going with the Rebels while me and Rob are sticking by the 'Dores. The Bruce Dickinson (the Godfather) did not submit picks this week.

Looking forward to another big day of football. If you need a viewers guide, click HERE.