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Mississippi State takes it on the chin from North Carolina in Maui, 95-49

You knew it would be bad, nothing has changed boys and girls.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

You knew it was going to be bad. 7 healthy scholarship players at the moment, with one of those being suspended and not making the trip. Most of those 6 being new players to MSU. All young. I could go on and on, but I won't. MSU played hard tonight, but shots didn't fall, defense lagged, and the Bulldogs were simply outran and outplayed by the 16 player deep Tar Heel squad.

Roquez Johnson led all Bulldogs with 12 points, while Wendell Lewis chipped in 10 as well. State shot 28%, while UNC shot 47%. The Tar Heels also shot 32 3-pointers, making 15 of them, and out-rebounded the Bulldogs 47 to 43.

Things will probably get worse for this team before they get better, but again, we expected this. They played hard tonight, and really, that's all we can ask of them at this point. Also, I liked the special jerseys, so there's that positive!

You can view the full stats right here.

Hail State.