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Boo Hiss MSU Students, Boo Hiss

The Goodyear Blimp came to the game today. I'm sure they had a good card game going up in the air above the stadium to keep them from falling asleep from watching the game.

There were several aerial shots of the stadium in the 2nd half, and even late in the first half. I couldn't help but notice how many State fans had left the stadium. I don't blame them really. They paid a lot of money to go to the game, they can do as they please, and based off the performance the players and coaches gave it was excruciating to watch.

But what was surprising to me was how all the students left early. It was the 3rd quarter and it looked like 3/4 of the student section was gone. Many more student left early than alumni and fans.

Mississippi State was 14-44 during my five years on campus. I didn't just see the Croom era, I saw the worst of the Croom era. I also saw the absolute worst of Jackie Sherrill's tenure. Most of the games were not enjoyable at all, and there were many, many blowouts. But me and my friends tailgated, went to the game, and stayed until the end. Occasionally we would leave in the 4th quarter when there was another big game on that we wanted to watch and State was down by six touchdowns, but for the most part we stayed until the end because we stood behind the team.

Where is the loyalty among the MSU students? Are they spoiled? Maybe they partied too hard at Bulldog Bash and they needed to lay down. I don't know, but the LSU/Bama game is at 7:00 - there was plenty of time to make it back for that. Why not stick around? Why not show the players, your fellow classmates, that you support them when they are down just like you did when they were 7-0 and you "believed"?

This isn't the first time the students have shown a lack of interest. Their participation at the Hump has been questioned at length. I don't know what the deal is, but I don't care for it.