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MSU News & Notes | Monday, November 5, 2012

All of your MSU News and Notes for another Monday, including Texas A&M recap, BACK OFF THAT LEDGE DUDE, LSU week kicks off, basketball wins!, and more.

Well, another Monday is upon us. And on top of that, this Monday again follows a disappointing loss that further sinks our hopes in what we thought would be a special season. But as Metal Building Dawg pointed out yesterday, all hope is not lost, despite two bad performances. Although the road won't be an easy one - State will have to face both LSU and Ole Miss on the road - there is still a chance that we can finish of this season strong. That finish with the final three weeks starts this week, as State prepares to face what will surely be an angry as hell LSU team. LSU, as you know, is coming of a majorly disappointing loss at home to Alabama, a game that was in their grasps until the final drive by Alabama. If State is to have a chance in Baton Rouge, they will have to play a near perfect game. We will see how this team responds Saturday after two tough losses, on the road in a very hostile environment. Now, let's take a look at today's News and Notes:

  • Unless you're a masochist, you probably don't want to read any more about Saturday's brutal 38-13 loss at home to Texas A&M. But, because we here at FWtCT don't discriminate against anyone (including Masochists), here's a few game recaps / reviews for your reading enjoyment - our Quick Hits, Bob Carskadon's Sunday ThingamaBob, Brandon Marcello's, and Brad Locke's.
  • In case you're still down about the past two weeks and you're panicking, read this, and then go ahead and read it Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and so on, if need be.
  • This is where I'd usually put the animated drive chart, but I'll just save you the time: JOHNNY MANZIEL LEFT, MANZIEL RIGHT, UP THE MIDDLE, OH GOD MAKE HIM STOP, /dead.
  • Hey! Last night coach Rick Ray and the new MSU men's basketball team kicked off the 2012-13 campaign, defeating William Carey in an exhibition game, 80-74. Jalen Steele led all scorers with 17 points, while Wendell Lewis, Fred Thomas, and Colin Borchert all chipped in 15 points a piece. Here are the full stats from the exhibition game, and here are some highlights from last night:

  • We found out yesterday that State and LSU will be playing at 6pm on ESPN this Saturday in Baton Rouge. The game "lost out" to Alabama vs. Texas A&M for the 2:30 CBS game, so yeah, we got the game we wanted. Sure, Tiger Stadium at night is much tougher environment, but I'm going to the game, SO SELFISH ME IS LIKE OH YEAH, TIGER STADIUM AT NIGHT SON. Should be interesting to see how these two teams come in and play, both coming off very tough losses at home.
  • We also found out yesterday that LSU is a 17 point favorite over State at the opening line. That's honestly lower than I expected, but I guess Vegas doesn't factor in ANGRY TIGER GOD / cajuns.
  • Even if State football didn't have the best weekend on the field this past weekend, the Bulldogs did get a huge pickup in the world of recruiting. **** EMCC DB Justin Cox committed to MSU over the weekend. Cox, who committed to MSU out of West Point HS as well, has been rumored to be an MSU lean for awhile, and decided to pull the trigger on Sunday. A great addition to the 2013 class for Dan Mullen and company, as Cox has great size and ability coming out of the JUCO ranks.
  • After a disastrous season which continued with a 40-0 home loss to Vanderbilt this past weekend, Kentucky head football coach Joker Phillips was relieved of his duties this past weekend, effective at the end of the season. Phillips and the Wildcats are 1-9 this season, and Phillips' tenure in Lexington has not been much more productive on the whole. I hate it for Joker, that's got to be one of the toughest jobs in the SEC. You're basically asked to come in knowing you'll be a distance second to basketball, given a minimal budget to compete in the toughest football conference in the country, and you're expected to be successful. I understand that Kentucky fans are like State fans, they just want bowl games, but even that is difficult to accomplish given the circumstances there. Again, that's just my opinion, I just see that as a difficult job to take. It will be interesting to see who the Wildcats are able to attain when the coaching search picks up over the next several months.
  • A great read from the Philadelphia Inquirer on former MSU DT Fletcher Cox, his hometown of Yazoo City, why he needed to leave, and why he keeps coming back.
  • Thanks Doug Martin! - Sincerely, my fantasy football team

That's all for today's News and Notes folks. Keep your chins up, and have a great Monday!


A Perfect Circle - The Outsider (live) (via mcmondo)